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Pay per click or PPC ads, deliver an on-demand stream of highly targeted, ready to buy customers or warm leads who are ready to interact with your business. We’ll make sure they find you!

How Paid Marketing Helps Your Business


Targeted Campaigns and Customers!


Very Fast and Measurable Results!


Helps SEO and Business Branding!


Find New Customers on Your Terms!


Control ROI and Customer Aquisition Costs!

We Can Help You Succeed with PPC Ads

Pay Per Click campaigns are one of the quickest and most profitable ways to deliver qualified leads to your business website, and directly generate sales for your company. Our expert PPC / SEM ad managers have the experience to assure you a profitable campaign, within a marketing budget you can plan on!

MeckWebs of Charlotte can help you save time and money by using our expertise and proven paid search marketing strategy. We can generate targeted landing pages that convert paid visitors into warm leads. Whether we use text ads or display image ads, you can rest assured your campaigns will result in new customers and generate profit, with a lower cost per click and ROI you could do on your own.

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Step 1 – Discovery & Research

Every time we begin a pay per click or paid search marketing campaign, the first things we have to know, are you and your business goals. From there, we develop a paid advertising strategy that works with your current marketing efforts, to achieve or exceed those goals.

  • You request a quote and initiate the process.
  • We assign an account administrator to your business.
  • Review your needs, your business goals, and the competitive market.
  • Discuss the solutions we can provide to meet your goals.

We’ll do most of our discovery through email and the client portal, unless you prefer to speak via phone.


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Step 2 – Plan & Develop PPC Strategy

After learning more about your business, the competition in your market, and how we can help you reach your goals, we’ll design a paid marketing strategy within your budget, to reach your goals. We’ll prepare a proposal and discuss options for your review.

  • Prepare a detailed proposal, including the scope of PPC campaign and expectations.
  • Review your current positioning, SEM strategy and results.
  • Explain why we may need to make changes to your website.
  • Review terms of payment and invoicing options.
  • After your approval, we’ll prepare an invoice to get the project underway.

At this point, we’re business partners. Our goal is to help you get the most performance out of your paid advertising efforts.


step 3 - working from website plan

Step 3 – Initiate PPC Campaign

This is where the real fun starts for us, and the warm local leads start coming in for you! Our PPC campaign plan from step 2 gets put into action and our expert ad managers monitor your PPC campaigns to assure it’s success from day one!

  • Work on existing landing pages, or create new ones as needed.
  • Install tracking codes to assure ROI tracking and measurement.
  • Assure tracking is working, and test phone call tracking.
  • Run site through secondary quality checklist.

Now that we’re on track to deliver leads, we’ll spend an hour or two every day, assuring the proper visitors and keyword targeting is in place. It may take a few weeks to get in line but when done, you’ll realize the benefit of our services almost immediately.


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Step 4 – Ad Optimization and Results!

As your ad campaign runs, our team will use a proven hands-on approach to monitor the effectiveness of your pay per click campaign, review results with you to assure proper targeting, and make adjustments to both ads and website copy to reach the highest ROI on your paid marketing strategy.

  • Monitor goals and conversions daily.
  • Adjust keywords as needed, to assure high visibility.
  • Apply negative keywords to your campaigns to weed out non-targeted visits.
  • A/B split testing of landing pages to optimize conversation rate.

At this stage, our efforts turn more toward maintenance of your PPC campaigns, and we revisit several steps of the process daily. When we deliver more visitors, targeted and needing your service, we both win.

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