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MeckWebs SEO service helps your business by assuring your content is planned, developed, presented, distributed and optimized for search engine consumption, ethically and effectively.

Keys to A Successful SEO Strategy


Understanding Your Potential Customers


Knowing Your Competition and the Market


Optimized Onsite and Offsite Factors


Optimizing Your Content and Onsite User Experience


Setting Goals, Tracking Results & Increasing ROI


Follow Up, Modify and Adjust As Needed

How Search Engine Optimization Helps

The main goal of a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo, is to get it’s visitor to the highest quality answer or most relevant content, as quickly as possible. It’s much more than just the words and pictures on your page. In fact, the way visitors interact with your business once they are on your website is as influential in your search ranking as the content itself.

Our strategic approach to SEO is based on your business needs and goals first. (Local leads? eCommerce sales?, etc) From that point we take a broad snapshot of the competition and consumer interactions within your market to develop an optimization strategy that will work for you.

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Search Engine, Website, Brand and Content Optimization Services

While our office is in the Charlotte NC area, our search consultants offer much more than just Charlotte SEO services. MeckWebs serves small business owners, large business, service and professional firms, eCommerce SEO and local search optimization no matter where you’re located.
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High Quality Content Optimization

We’ll make sure your website content is optimized for the ideal visitors you want to attract to your site. We’ll also assure that your content matches their intent and expectations, so they interact and engage in your offered services or products. Oh… and we check the spelling and grammar also!

  • Keyword and Keyphrase Research.
  • Develop a Keyword Strategy for Each Page.
  • Creation of High Quality, Engaging Content.
  • Images and Video to Compliment Text When it Makes Sense.
  • Proper Use of Headings and Subheadings.
  • Identify Page Goals and Track Conversions.


step 4 code on a screen

Structure and Code Optimization

The technical structure of your website and content has just as much influence as the content itself when it comes to search engine optimization. Your website should load very quickly, work on all desktop and mobile devices, and contain no structural errors.

  • Optimized Page Titles and Meta Content
  • Header Codes and Eliminating 404 Errors
  • Check usability of website forms and functions.
  • Mobile device or Responsive Design.
  • Implement Security to Make Visitors Feel Safe.
  • Search Snippet Optimization.
  • XML Sitemaps and Schema Markup
step 6 reviewing your website

Local Search Optimization

If your company offers services or products in a specific geographical area, your website should reflect exactly that. We’ll make sure your website is local optimized, listed on local maps, and contains the right data to get in front of your local customers.

  • Local Map Listing Optimization.
  • Google Business Page Setup and Optimization.
  • Name, Address, Phone Number Synchronization.
  • Listings in Local Search Directories and Aggregators.
  • Local Citations and Mentions.
  • Properly Configured Local Business Schema and JSON.
  • Research Your Online Reviews and Implement Strategy.
  • Identify Low Cost PPC Opportunities in Local Area.
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Search Optimization for eCommerce

Selling products online has it’s own set of seo practices, as well as optimizing the shopping and checkout experience for your buyers. We’ve been managing eCommerce search optimization for our Charlotte NC clients as well as many others around the globe for more than 15 years. We’d love to help with your eCommerce SEO strategy as well.

  • Shopper User Experience Optimization.
  • Order and Checkout Optimization.
  • Unique and Keyword Rich Product Descriptions and Titles.
  • Category Landing Page Optimization.
  • Encourage and Display Reviews and Ratings.
  • Test Security and Checkout Process.
  • Interlinking of Products and Related Content.
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