We Do The Job Right

We follow the same process regardless of the project size. Every. Single. Time. To us, it just makes sense! Since our super-secret proven formula makes us hold ourselves accountable for everything we do, every step of the way, we just get it right. Clients like you like it for the same exact reasons!

Our Simplified Little 8-Step Plan


Step 1 - Introduction & Discovery


Step 2 - Initiate, Plan & Strategize


Step 3 - Get Started on Development


Step 4 - Content and Site Buildout


Step 5 - Quality Assurance Checkup


Step 6 - Complete Client Walkthrough


Step 7 - Project Delivery


Step 8 - 90 Days On Our Toes

It’s Really Not A Super Secret Formula

Albert Einstein or Ben Franklin are both disputed to have coined a simple phrase that we try live by! You know the one, don’t you? Where he mentioned doing the same things over and over, then expecting different results, defines insanity?

Guilty as Charged! We’re pretty crazy (OCD?) about doing things right when it comes to delivering your completed project, so we follow the same proven process, over and over.

From the time you reach out to us about a project (Step 1), we create your client account within our secure portal, and assign a Taskmaster to address your needs. Next (Step 2), we plan and agree on the scope of your project, get your approval, agree on payment terms, and get going on the framework of your project (Step 3). From there, we get the site loaded with it’s content (Step 4) and double-check that everything is in order according to our plan (Step 5).

Now (Step-6) is when you come in and see your new website in action! We’ll go back and forth to edit or correct anything you want changed before finalizing the project, loading it onto your webhost (Step-7) and collect the balance of the project cost. For the next 3-months (Step-8), we’ll help you learn how to use your new website and make sure it performs to plan!

Ready to Get Started Yet?
getting ready to start race project

Step 1 – Introduction & Discovery

This is our beginning. When you reach out via phone or the quote request form below, we setup an account in our Client Portal, and send you a login and password to your own secure area, where your needs can be outlined and discussed with our team.

  • You request a quote and initiate the process.
  • Setup your secure Client Portal account.
  • Assign a personal Taskmaster & point of contact with MeckWebs.
  • Review your needs and goals for the project.
  • Discuss the solutions we can provide to meet your goals.

We’ll do most of our discovery through email and the client portal, unless you prefer to speak via phone.


review website plan with coffee

Step 2 – Initiate, Plan & Strategize

Once we’ve got a clear understanding of your needs and goals, we’ll outline a plan to help you reach or exceed those goals, and prepare a proposal for you to review.

  • Outline your needs and goals.
  • Prepare a detailed proposal, including the scope of work and timeline.
  • Explain terms of payment and invoicing options.
  • On builds/rebuilds, we’ll agree on a site design layout to follow.
  • After your approval, we’ll prepare an invoice to get the project underway.

Due to the creative nature of our work, all website builds and rebuilds require a 50% deposit to initiate development. On smaller projects, we require full payment in advance, unless you’re an existing client.


step 3 - working from website plan

Step 3 – Begin Site Development

This is where the real fun starts for us! On site builds and rebuilds, we’ll setup a temporary development directory to assemble and wireframe your website. On smaller projects, we’ll work within your own webhost to incorporate the new features.

  • Install the backend of your WordPress CMS
  • Configure plugins and add-on settings.
  • Install website theme and begin customization.
  • Initialize all pages, forms, and functions.
  • Run site through initial quality checklist.

If you don’t already have a domain name and/or website hosting, we’ll provide recommendations based on your needs. For clients subscriber to our monthly maintenance agreement, hosting is provided at no additional charge.


step 4 code on a screen

Step 4 – Content and Image Buildout

Now the website truly starts to take shape! Upon satisfying our initial quality assurance check, we begin assembling the content onto your website, and begin our workflow and optimization process.

  • Text based content put in place and format for web.
  • Logo and Images are optimized for dimensions and file size.
  • Sliders and/or landing pages created.
  • Complete form building and validation checks.
  • Schema installed and configured.
  • Custom styles and formatting applied site-wide.

At this point, your website is almost done! However, since we’re a bit OCD, we’re going to run it through another quality assurance check and invite a few of our raters inside to view and critique.

boy checking quality of work with magnifying glass

Step 5 – Quality Assurance & Testing

We’re not satisfied with ourselves until we’ve run the site through it’s paces, and invited a few close partners to do the same. That’s just how we roll. After all, if we’re not happy, we’d never expect you to be either!

  • Step by step quality assurance checklist. Again.
  • Proofreading of every page, by no less than 3 people.
  • Retest all forms for functionality, delivery and response.
  • Complete SEO checklist of content and images.
  • Install cache system. Test and optimize site speed.
  • Mobile compatibility and responsiveness test.
  • Security checkup and testing.
  • Usability test by industry partners.
  • Final walk-through and signoff by QA team.
step 6 reviewing your website

Step 6 – Complete Client Walk-through

Well, it took about 3-4 weeks to get here, but we’re ready for you to walk through your new website and provide feedback. Since we already agreed to just about everything you’re going to see, there should be no surprises.

  • Review of the site scope and development checklist.
  • Page by page walk-through.
  • Check usability of website forms and functions.
  • Mobile device walk-through.
  • Request edits/changes as needed.
  • Pinch yourself – it’s really done!

At this point, we’ll address all your concerns and and answer all your questions, to assure you get a finished product worthy of your business goals.


boy launching rocket like its a website

Step 7 – Project Delivery and Launch

Now that your new website or project is completed, we’ve got to set a schedule a right time, load it onto the production webhost, and go through one additional thorough round of testing.

  • Final invoice generated and paid.
  • Website loaded onto your production server.
  • SSL and CDN installed and tested.
  • Weekly backups scheduled and tested.
  • Final test of all website functionality.
  • Cache re-initiated, tested and website opened to public.
  • Google WMT and Analytics installed and configured.
step 8 were only an email away lifepreserver laptop

Step 8 – 90 Days of Support

Don’t think for a minute that we walk away when your website opens. Over the next 90 days, you’ll come to learn that we take just as much interest in your websites’ success as you do, maybe even more!

  • Monitor site logs for errors and notifications.
  • Monitor Google Webmaster Tools for indexation.
  • Check site weekly for updates and minor adjustments.
  • Help you learn to use your new site and publish new content.
  • Publish your project on our own website.
  • Complete any minor changes you need.
  • Much, much more…
Are You Ready to Get Started?